Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Evidence that I've really gone over the edge: I got very excited by what I perceived as a link between the most recent Girls Aloud single, 'The Show' and the current chapter of my PhD dissertation on Erving Goffman.

Really, it's not that far-fetched. Goffman describes back- and front-regions where people perform different aspects of their identities. Front regions are for high-stakes performances, and back regions are their opposites-- places where a person can relax, critique, and let off steam. Where Nadine, Sarah, Nicola, Kimberley, and Cheryl come in is that they sing about the loss of a relationship because of mistakes they made in front region performances:

Shoulda know, shoulda cared, shoulda hung around the kitchen in my underwear, acting like a lady-- you should have made me.
Oh, shoulda jumped a little high, shoulda fluttered my mascara like a butterfly instead of being lazy, it would've saved me.
Nobody sees the show until my heart says so, if it's not you, oh no, I won't do that.

I can see a really fun academic paper on the horizon.


(I think)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
I have 3 Gmail invitations to dole out, so if you'd like a Gmail account, send me an e-mail.

Saturday, June 12, 2004
Here's my idea of the perfect book group:
A bunch of my friends would read the book I'm finishing, Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America, delighting in Steve Almond's unembarrassed confessions of a life lived through confections. Then, after we've all been surprised by our genuine newfound interest in the cultural history of regional candy-bar producers and small-capacity sweets factories in the US, we'd all finished the book, we'd get together for an evening of discussion and a few of these. Perfect.

Of course, I'd bring along some of my own favourite candy bars: the ̃ristur (that first letter is a thorn, not a 'p', so it's pronounced 'three-stoor': hence the '3' on each of the bars)-- a chocolate-covered liquorish and caramel treat that even the most recalcitrant liquorish-haters seem to love.

And thanks to one lovely Bluejay, I'm about to be the proud owner of 10 bags of these!

So, any takers?

Monday, June 07, 2004
Normally, when I think about contests and the exciting prizes I might win in them, I do not consider that this might be the outcome...

I imagine that somebody in the advertising department thought this would bring the Ribena drinkers to the shops in droves, buying extra juice boxes just for a chance at winning the grand prize. That said, this seems like a contest better suited to Peru than the UK.

Where would you keep it?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Alice, your outfit looks like No. 2!I don't know quite what possessed someone to name a clothes shop this, but it doesn't inspire confidence in the local fashion in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. (Click the image for a complete view.)

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