Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Another of the surprises that comes along with our new New York City apartment arrives in the mail every other day or so, in the form of leftover magazine subscriptions from former tenants. For whatever reason, these previous residents haven't bothered to change their addresses, so we get the windfall of their neglect. Now, I love magazines as much as the next person-- maybe more, since I'm the one who used to plan out an evening each week to go to Tower Records or Borders (depending on which city I was in) to sit and read through dozens of periodicals. But the collection of random glossies that comes through our mailbox is conspiring to make us look as gay as humanly possible... and we've done NOTHING to prompt it.

Here's what we get: In Shape, Time Out, W (!), Martha Stewart Living, Men's Health, and Glamour.

Seriously, is Conde Nast trying to tell us something?

Monday, October 04, 2004
The lack of recent posting is due to two things: (1) the denial-of-service attacks on's e-mail server. Who knows why this happened, but I'm a little suspicious that 2 days after I make my first political post critical of the Bush cabinet, I get bombed by literally tens of THOUSANDS of servers from around the world, all trying to shut down my domain. Well, I'm back, and this time, I'm angry. (2) our move to NYC, which is in full swing right now. We're working on lots of little things and several big ones, and I'm still writing my PhD at the same time, which is making for a whirlwind time for me. Right now, almost everything I owned in the UK is on a boat somewhere, wending its way across the Atlantic. I have no idea when it'll all arrive, so until then, we're in a far-too-fancy hotel (The W- Times Square) paid for by Dan's company, and I'm sitting here, 50 floors above the street, looking out onto 7th Avenue while I type. Not bad... but I'd rather be in our own place.

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