Friday, December 24, 2004
What, no Merry Christmas even?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004
No excuses at all for the lack of posting-- it's been a busy and strange autumn around here. Nobody told me that moving to New York and finishing my DPhil would be such a journey, but it's been anything but boring so far.

Now things seem a little more settled around here. The cat is safely installed in the new apartment and we've got power, Internet, gas, and importantly for this time of year, heat!

I've been on several times to query the group-brain of the Internet about televisions and transformers, but the most interesting thing I've read recently has been a discussion of tipping. I realize that I'm back in the land where tips are expected for just about everything, and that's fine. But this discussion revived a theory I've had about people assuaging bourgeois guilt by making lavish gestures via tipping, rather than putting money into programs that might have some hope of creating change, like charities, for example...

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