Thursday, June 09, 2005
I wonder what the sub-cost of Special Sauce is.Make of The Economist what you will, but their annual Big Mac Index is entertaining and at least a little bit enlightening. It takes the price of a McDonald's Big Mac burger (it's emphatically NOT a sandwich-- nothing with 590 calories is a sandwich) in dozens of countries and compares these prices. Using the dollar as a standard currency, it makes the assumption that goods would ideally trade for the same exchange value in any location, and any discrepencies have to do with the under- or overvaluation of the currency. Of course, they also acknowledge that taxes, labor costs, and other factors play a part-- it's not supposed to be perfect or precise. Yet one thing that I always wonder at is how this index is as good as most other economic comparisons: it's yet another example of how hard it is to draw quantitative analogies across contexts. Why not use Big Macs then?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
What is Barbara Walters thinking? Seriously, making disparaging remarks about breastfeeding is ridiculous, not to mention retrograde. Doesn't she know that breastfeeding is the new black?

Once and for all, there's nothing sexual about it, and if you really insist upon being offended by it, just look somewhere else.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Sorry for the lack of recent updates-- editing is taking its rightful place on my priority list. Soon, it'll all be a memory though, so I'm trying to make it as enjoyable as I can.

Nothing exciting this Memorial Day weekend, apart from a quick stop in at a White Castle, which is one of the few places in this city that sells clam strips. Hard to believe that a city in the Northeast wouldn't have more places to buy them! What was most interesting at White Castle was this sign.

The relevant lines read: "After 20 minutes of your purchase, we will ask you to leave. Anyone violating rules will be arrested." Ah, hospitality. Well, I'm happy to report that after spending a decadent 23 minutes in White Castle, we're both still free and never got sent to Rikers Island.

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