Saturday, August 20, 2005
So much for the brouhaha over evolution. I think we've got some conclusive proof right here:


Wednesday, August 17, 2005
When my iPod suddenly seized up about a month ago, I didn't really know what to do. Apple's customer care assistants told me that fixing my 3rd Generation 20GB iPod would cost me $259, approximately the same price as a new current 20GB model and even more than a refurbished 20GB model. It seemed like such a waste to junk the current one and buy a new one, especially when I thought about all the natural resources that would be sent straight into the landfill. So I swore to find a better solution.

Enter iPod Mechanic, a company that will diagnose your iPod for the cost of shipping (about $6.50) and will, more often than not, offer to purchase your iPod for parts if you don't want to pay for repairs. So, I packed up my sick little silver and white friend in bubble wrap and sent it to Michigan to be examined. The results? I could get the thing fixed for about half the price Apple was charging or could upgrade the hard drive for a few extra dollars. The company apparently does business both in North America and abroad, so it's a great first reference point even if you're not in the US. [Sidenote: Apple UK wanted 265 to fix my iPod-- with the exchange rate factored in, that's a disgustingly awful deal.]

Just yesterday, the new (improved) and amnesiac iPod returned to me. Even though all my files are gone, I'm really glad to have it back.

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