Monday, September 19, 2005
If you didn't hear already, I had the defense (the viva voce in arcane Oxonian language) and I am now Dr.

Now comes the tricky part. I'm having to come to terms with the idea that I no longer have this huge, unbounded project to contend with, after more than three years of waking up every day to it. This might not sound like a bad thing, and it's not, but it does represent a complete change in outlook. I'm now having to refocus on smaller, shorter-term things. I like that a lot better in some ways, but it also means being reborn into a world of quick turnaround and narrower attention.

Of course, there's still mileage left on the dissertation project-- turning pieces of it into journal articles (one of which is finished and at a journal now) and perhaps even turning the whole thing into a book (something recommended to me by my external examiner at my defense).

I also think I should be honest with myself and you about this weblog-- it's rarely updated, and now that I'm out of the closet about my posting habits, I think I'll feel a little less guilty for it. I am not closing up shop just yet, however. This little blog still has some life in it yet.

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